Who is “WinWisconsin”?

We are a group of citizen-volunteers, both in and outside of Wisconsin, who decided that the best way to make sure we have a new president in November 2020 is to, well, win Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the critical swing state in 2020, and we are supporting the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in its grassroots organizing efforts.

How are you affiliated to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin?

We Wisconsinites are citizen volunteers with the party committed to helping the WisDems fundraise to implement their grassroots “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” program. The rest of us are registered Democrats in California and now other states (Massachusetts, Washington, and the District of Columbia). However, we are NOT paid by the party, nor do we have any formal affiliation.

Where is the money going and how will it be used?

Up until March, all of the funds were strictly directed towards hiring regional organizers, field organizers, or summer organizing interns for the “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” program. That is still the case, but, of course, their roles have shifted with the virus. In April, faced with two conservative Supreme Court rulings (Wisconsin and US) that a state primary had to go on, the party rapidly switched to a digital strategy focused on mail-in ballots, and that continues. Other relational organizing strategies centered around personal networks have been added as well. But the neighborhood teams are still active. WinWisconsin also mobilizes volunteers to support the outreach effort online or via phone/zoom.

Can you tell us more about the Democratic Party of Wisconsin?

Please go to their website.

Why should we donate to WinWisconsin instead of another group?

Our money goes straight to paying organizers on the ground, and now, in the online organizing space unless and until that shifts back to face-to-face. People can be assured that money contributed to us is not going to ads, consultants, or overhead. Every contributed dollar supports organizers who are themselves a part of the neighbor-to-neighbor and online efforts. Citizens reaching out to citizens is both more effective and efficient, but also more cost effective because every organizing dollar amplifies volunteer efforts.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin reaches into every corner of the state, all 72 counties, and is able to identify and mobilize every vote. The Biden campaign will depend on that infrastructure and the stronger it is, the more likely he is to win the election. Other C4 organizations reach specific communities and are complementary to this larger, comprehensive, statewide campaign. Of course, if people want to donate to them, we encourage this. But a dollar to WinWisconsin is a dollar most effectively spent to win in November.

I want to donate but would like to send a check. Where do I send it to?

Check to: DPW
Memo: fwis2020
Send to:
Democratic Party of Wisconsin
15 N. Pinckney St. #200
Madison, WI 53703

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