Once again, Wisconsin is the front line in the battle for democracy.

We need to Win Wisconsin again to reelect Governor Tony Evers and defeat Senator Ron Johnson in 2022. The best way to win is to support the Neighbor-to-Neighbor field organizing program of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

About the WinWisconsin Movement

There is only one way to prevent a radicalized Republican Party from a complete takeover of the Wisconsin government: Winning Wisconsin again.

Join us at a WinWisconsin Webinar and learn more about how we can keep Wisconsin blue. Our fundraising helps pay the field organization staff who support tireless volunteers. Please give monthly if you can!

Dress Rehearsal: How we did it in 2020.

Dress Rehearsal’ is a new documentary short about the progressive organizers who pulled off a stunning upset in Wisconsin during a pandemic and are preparing to do it again on November 3.

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