About Us

WinWisconsin was born last fall, when old friends, Marcy and Carl from Oakland and Lew, a Democratic Party of Wisconsin volunteer from Madison, were walking Pip the poodle.  Marcy was lamenting that there was nothing Californians could really do to affect the presidential election and Lew was describing the DPW’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor program.  It suddenly hit them that Californians could volunteer, show solidarity, and, yes, raise funds to support organizers of the statewide face-to-face organizing campaign.   When Marcy got home, she and Carl along with their friend Judy, started organizing the first two house parties for January 2020.  Not long after, Ferheen joined to manage the online presence.  Enthusiastic folks from around the Bay Area filled Marcy and Carl’s home, also wondering what they could do and WinWisconsin was born.  James and Jane started calling their friends, and soon a series of talks was set up from the Bay Area to LA for March.

After a lot of agonized phone calls in Mid-March after the extent of COVID-19 was becoming clear, the talks went online and WinWisconsin went virtual.  Since then, online webinars have been organized by volunteers in San Rafael, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, LA, Boston,  Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Milwaukee. We added a team member, Kaughtlane, who helped us host the most successful webinar we have had to date on June 11th. The movement has spread to both coasts, with groups raising money to Win Wisconsin in November and  volunteering to register Wisconsinites for the April election, help them with voter-suppressing ID laws, and obtain and return absentee ballots.

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor program is now virtual, accelerated by that April election in which the Republican legislature and conservative Supreme Court forced people to choose between voting and risking their lives.  What they succeeded in doing was making people mad. Wisconsinites cherish their democratic traditions and turned out to give the progressive Supreme Court candidate Jill Karofsky a smashing ten-point victory that no one really expected.

Now the online organizing continues all the way through to November when we will Win Wisconsin, win the election, and restore sanity, decency, and competence to our government, with the help and solidarity of citizens from across the U.S.  Find out how you can join us.

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