The information below is an example of what we did in 2020 and is no longer live. We will update opportunities as we move into 2022.

Bay Area for Wisconsin 2020

Phone Banks Weekdays and Weekends

These phone banks are designed to be targeted to specific regions and neighborhoods. We strive to make them intimate and engaging with a Zoom meeting open during the session so questions can be answered in real-time, as if we are in the same room! Each session starts with a training and orientation that introduces the caller to the area and the particular challenges the people there face. We are currently focused on 3 areas:

  • Southwest Wi Obama/Trump counties. These counties went for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016. These communities are rural/small town with a number of persuadable voters. The upside – you could put an undecided into the Dem column. The downside – you could get a few Republicans.
  • Southside Milwaukee/LatinX. This area is predominantly Democratic yet has the worst turnout of any other district in the state. No need for persuasion – we just need to GOTV. English and Spanish speakers
  • Milwaukee at large. I in 7 voters live in Milwaukee and it is predominantly Democratic. However, new voter ID laws and poor WI GOTV in 2016 resulted in 40,000 fewer democratic votes and gave the election to Trump. These calls follow the traditional timeline 1) Voter ID 2) Ballot chase 3) GOTV

Letter and Postcard Writing

Canvassing used to be the best way to reach people who don’t pick up their phones. During the Pandemic we have switched to letter writing. Our letters are designed with a particular recipient in mind and has a specific ask in mind – volunteer? vote by mail? help at the polls? We can use QR codes in the letters and postcards that enable the recipient to immediately go to a volunteer intake form, absentee ballot request or list of ballot drop boxes. As we get closer to the election the needs and asks will change. Typical time commitment is 3 – 5 hours over a 5 – 7 day period and you will be responsible for postage.

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