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Thur, Nov 5th at 5:00 pm CT

Dear WinWisconsin Supporters,

It was a tough election night, but we have definitely won Wisconsin, and with it, I believe, the election.

Some of you may remember that I said that the election would likely turn on 20,000 votes either way. By election time I admit I was more hopeful that we would win a bigger victory. But the margin of victory doesn’t matter in the end. Because of everything that you did–your contributions and volunteer hours–we have won this state.  

I can’t stress enough to all of you how much this mattered in this razor-close election. While we don’t have final contribution numbers yet, we have raised almost $550,000, which is around 110 months of field organizer salary. If the average length of employment was six months that is 18 full time organizers in the field. Please think about that. Eighteen dedicated organizers working with our 300 neighbor-to-neighbor teams across the state. This could have been the difference in this election and it surely made a major contribution to getting us across the line.
So we thank all of you who expressed your solidarity with Wisconsin, not only in donations, but the dozens of you who made the time and effort to organize webinars and events. None of this could have happened without you.

Special thank you to our webinar organizers and hosts: James & Jane B, Debbie K, Ora G, Dianne P, Steve V, Laura D, John K, Rosamaria S, Laurie T, Myrna C, the Miller family, Kaughtlane G, Scott B, Hugh B, Jonathan F, Kathleen G, Peggy O, Christy S, Margaret S, Jake M, David L, Tara B, Jack K, Van J, Becky K, Linda H, Terry D, Rhonda D, Jess C, Beth M, Debbie C, Nancy B, Damian S, David, Sonya M, Gay S, and Ruth M.

That doesn’t even include the thousands of calls that our WinWisconsin volunteers made. Every voter matters and I know that hundreds of you spent many hours calling and texting. This work also made a huge difference. I do want to mention three volunteer leaders: Steve V in Boston, Dan W in the Bay Area, and Jess C in Illinois who spent many hundreds of hours organizing and leading groups of volunteer callers. 

I also want to thank Ferheen A, our program coordinator, from the bottom of my heart. Without her (quite literally) none of this would have happened.  
This election is not over yet. We don’t know yet precisely how Trump will contest the Wisconsin vote. He has already called for a recount (and by the way, it will certainly fail with our margin of victory). There may be other legal battles in the months ahead. So I am going to make a request of those of you who can afford it. Please continue your contributions for at least one more month until this is finally settled. We need to be prepared for fights we can’t predict.  

More than anything else, this election showed that the struggle for a true democracy is a continuous journey. We in Wisconsin are already looking ahead to the fight to prevent another ten-year gerrymandering of the state. I’ll write again once the election is finally called and settled, but for now I just wanted to thank you and celebrate our victory together.

-Lew for the WinWisconsin team

Wed, Nov 4th at 11:15 am CT

As of this writing, it looks like Michigan is solidifying in our direction. A well-placed source tells me that we are very likely to overtake Trump in Pennsylvania. I believe we will win. Now eyes on the Senate.

Update: 11:33. We have gained two Assembly and one Senate seat which means we have saved the veto. When the Republicans try to gerrymander Wisconsin next time, they won’t get away with it. Huge, huge, important victory, right after defeating Trump. Thank you Win Wisconsin.

Wed, Nov 4th at 9am CT

Good morning everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t post last night, but the results were bad but indeterminate as I went to sleep. As many of you have undoubtedly learned this morning, they are better. We appear to be winning Wisconsin by 20,748 as of 8am. (Some of you may remember that I said that we will win or lose by a margin of about 29,000; I didn’t think we were this close this time). If you want to check Wisconsin counting, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is the best source.

Obviously, we are all disappointed by the results, especially the Senate. But one thing for all of you to remember is that we absolutely had to Win Wisconsin for this result, and we likely have. Your support was critical in making that happen, so we should all feel proud of that this morning.

Will update a bit later in the day.

You probably know that Michigan and Pennsylvania also look like we will win in squeakers, so please keep praying and be prepared for the fight ahead.

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